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MK Company

Together with Michele Di Stefano we conceived this strange performative format.

It is dedicated to the city and to the perspective view of the urban landscape. The audience follows the performance through wireless headphones, overlooking a panoramic view of the city. The point of view is broad and can cover very close and far spaces, linked together by the soundtrack (recorded in holophonics with a strong cinematic imprint) and by the dislocation of the performers.
In the episode of Bologna who inaugurated this format, the path of the performance ranged from the Farnese Hall of the Palazzo Comunale to Piazza Maggiore, to the summit of the Tower of the Asinelli.

The urban scene is transformed by the audio into a place that floats between the present and the possible; the viewer is immersed in a landscape that is no longer just what is in front of him, but – just as in a sacred allegory – becomes a concentrate of coincidences and configurations that seem to refer to something else. Reality is now clouded, now sharply focused by sound, which presides over the imaginative power of vision and makes possible the multiplication of the details in a place with imaginary coordinates. 
Strange conspiracies and mysterious activities redesign the ‘here and now’ to re-read urbanity through postures and signs of an elsewhere, investigated by sharp dances that may be very near or very far, on the horizon. Indoors and outdoors.
Dance is therefore literally a point of view on the world; it inscribes and affirms the figure in the community space and at the same time suggests an escape. 

“An essential theorem on the landscape. Anyone who wants to question the ideological seizure of perspective composition and embrace, finally, the opening of a spherical vision, can only love this gem nestled in the heart of the city of Bologna. The white smoke that, in a James Bond kind of a finale, rises from the top of the Asinelli Tower makes the perception even more skewed, mortifying any desire for Brunelleschi or an ideal city. Super! 

(Fabio Acca)

by Michele Di Stefano e Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
proproduction mk 2016 
in collaboration with festival Danza Urbana Bologna
supported by ResiDance – Dance Haus Milano
and MIBACT – Italian Ministry of Culture 
with: Biagio Caravano, Roberta Mosca, Laura Scarpini
music: Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
choreography: Michele Di Stefano
management: Carlotta Garlanda
audio provided by LEM International – Silentsystem
Veduta is an “in situ” format and has been presented in several cities: Milano, Brescia, Parma, Torino, Bolzano…
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