Composition | Performance
Museion | Bozen

Sumatra – live excerpt

I’ve been asked to compose and perform a piece in relationship with the beautiful Ketty La Rocca’s video ‘Appendice per una supplica’ that was screened at the Biennale di Venezia in 1972 for the first time.

It shows a pair of male and female hands gesticulating a kind of gesture vocabulary of possible meanings and interpersonal tensions. The aim is to develop a language that is not pre-coded by society. It is the very first film in art history showing manual gestures.  

understanding the whole video as something that has to deal with not precoded language, i composed my music starting from recording of foreign and unknown languages. Exotic voices with strange phonetics and timbers were the fondamental brick that i used to build my music.

The spatialisation of sound also had a very important role because of the sound immersion was crucial.

Cycle “Pas de Deux” , curator Frida Carazzato.
Production : Museion, Bolzano.
Ornithology Productions.
Videos: Matteo Ninni