Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch (Milan, 1973) is a composer and sound artist. His interests in the field of music goes from pure electronics to compositions for theater and dance, from soundtracks for images to interactive installations. The electro-acoustic composition is the heart of the different projects that it conceives and realises. In his solo performances, in improvisations, in collaborations with other artists and musicians, his interest is always focused on the idea of establishing new connections between the three central elements in his vision of art: sound – gesture – space. In this sense, a large part of his work is devoted to 3D sound,  multichannel and holophonic composition. He has received commissions and artistic residencies from various institutions: Center Pompidou, Ircam, Musical Research Group (GRM), Venice Biennale, Gothenburg Opera, Ballet National de Marseille, RhurTriennale, Royaumont Foundation, Ater Foundation Ballet, and many others … and has performed all over the world: Europe, Japan, Indonesia, United States … Among the various artists with whom he collaborated, very close collaborators are the MK company, for which he composes the music since 2006, and Richard Siegal. He graduated in architecture (Italy) and composition (France) and after living in Spain for a while, he moved to Paris, where he now lives and works.
He is professor of Electroacoustic Composition at the Conservatory of Montbeliard, France.

Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch is the founder of the Label Ornithology Productions.

Press and publications, a selection:
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Doctoral PhD thesis, a selection of publications with sections dedicated to my work:
João Eduardo Dias Fernandes: L’improvisation musicale électroacoustique. Université Paris 8. 
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