Le tour du monde en 80 jours

Composition | Performance
MK Company

Jules Verne’s novel – and its stolid circumnavigation of the globe amidst every kind of accidents – offers a glimpse of a premonitory place for the exertion of view and vision, a place which is nowadays sandwiched between the outstanding space of contemporary tourism and the exclusive space of global capitalism.
This dance piece reflects the complexity of a journey where any destination is replaced by the “Everywhere” and every encounter with the others becomes a negotiation towards a hybrid space of translation.
The bodily presence is redefined into a strange milieu, which seems at the same time a golf club, a supposedly authentic rural village, an Universal Expo or a colonialist party.
The margin between here and elsewhere is the space where everything happens in terms of bodily dynamics.
Choreography is set as a perturbation of sightseeing, an “atmospheric” condition of the body: as if it would be possible to define choreographic systems through a climatic perspective, on the side of steam and meteorology.

The format is accumulatory and hosts an interchangeable number of performers and visual artists. Every performance could differ in format, set, dance evolution media and cast.

Mk’s workteam ( Michele Di Stefano choreographer, Philippe Barbut Biagio Caravano and Laura Scarpini performers, Lorenzo Bianchi musician ) collaborates for the evolution of the project with
Roberto Cafaggini light designer
Lorenzo Bazzocchi engineer and director of Masque Teatro
Roberta Mosca and David Kern performers and dancers of the William Forsythe Company,
Haithem Dhifallah performer
Anna de Manincor/Zimmerfrei visual artist –
Margherita Morgantin – visual artist

Music: Lorenzo Bianchi
Light design: Roberto Cafaggini
Pollution: Lorenzo Bazzocchi
Choreography: Michele Di Stefano
with Philippe Barbut, Biagio Caravano, Haithem Dhifallah, David Kern, Roberta Mosca, Laura Scarpini
management: Anna Damiani/PAV
web: Biagio Caravano
video documents: Anna de Manincor/ZimmerFrei
photo: Andrea Macchia
production mk11, Torinodanza Turin, ZTLpro Provincia of Rome/Assessorato Politiche Cultuirali
in collaboration with Fondazione Romaeuropa/Palladium, Mosaico Danza/Interplay Festival
artistic residence: Armunia Festival Castiglioncello and La Zona Teatro
supported by MiBAC – Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali