Black swan

Composition | Performance
R. Siegal solo

I was asked by Richard Siegal to compose and perform the interactive electronic music for his Solo.

We spent time together to experiment and develop ideas, writing songs, choosing poetry , understanding the keys of this new production in my studio in Paris.

It’s a dark and complex piece. Everything comes form Richard’s voice. There’s a massive use of sound effects on his voice such as: distortion, autotune, harmonisers, pitch detection… and so on. It was really challenging.

As Katja Schneider writes in the Münchner Feuilleton ‘Black Swan is a radical, complex piece, delivering an overload of texts, of projected, spoken, amplified, intonated words. Canto, canto, canto. I sing, that’s the program. A poetic one. The dancer as rhapsode, his voice alienated by a vocoder. […] We read the interactive dialogue between Siegal and the computer which is permanently in motion as well as the dancer itself. Canto Canto Canto.’

Composition and Live Music: Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Video and Stage: Richard Siegal
Software programming: Jean-Philippe Lambert
“Dead Domesticity Zone”: Didier Faustino
Production: Richard Siegal/The Bakery
Producers: Dance 2012, Muffatwerk Munich
Date: 2012
Duration: 45 minutes