INNER spaces

Composition | Performance
with Amir El Saffar

Trumpeter, santur player, vocalist, and composer Amir ElSaffar joins electronics performer and composer Lorenzo Bianchi-Hoesch in a new project exploring electro-acoustic spaces, maqam, microtonal harmonies, and improvised and composed structures in a modular musical composition that accommodates a variety of musical styles across genres. Together, they create an immersive sound that transcends notions of form, musical language, electronic, and acoustic categories in music. This new work will be a modular composition combining pre-determined structural elements with freely improvised sections, played live by ElSaffar and Bianchi-Hoesch. The work will explore electro-acoustic spaces in a microtonal environment that embraces the sonic spectra of multiple musical languages.
Bianchi-Hoesch and ElSaffar are interested in creating a transcultural collaboration combining jazz, contemporary classical music, maqam, raga, and other musical backgrounds, inclusive of all the richness, complexity, and idiomatic expression, without compromising or oversimplifying in order to be compatible with others. They are in search of boundary-less spaces in music.

Amir ElSaffar : Voice, Trumpet, Santur and composition.
Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch : Live electronics and composition.
Album Recorded at PS21 Chatham, NY and Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY.
Produced with support from: FACE foundation 2022, Pioneer Works, PS21 Chatham, Ornithology.
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