MK company

To build and to dance. The most structured and ergonomic actions search for a breking point outdoors, from a domestic attitude forth.
Living is flirting ith disaster.
Comfort is a geographic piece that goes through a territory without maps. Space is determined by instability and is unwrapped just like a present.
The dymanic of exploration is set up through a permanent decision-making. Forms are crossed in view of constant mobility. The choreographic identity of the performer is entrusted to the ‘other’ as a continuous removal of the self. This lack of stability meets with a strange attraction for the code, the hieroglyph and the folklore.We try to look into the sense of ‘belonging’ of a body to the outside world, at the border between home and an open field, with a fall in the background.
Dance makes presence and adaptation to the outside world – where other bodies and projects dart – possible; in this sens every start of the movement is a foundation and a breakdown. In this dance, tiime is a succession of propositions and disappearance. The choreography itself disappears, the body still remains.

by Philippe Barbut, Lorenzo Bianchi, Biagio Caravano, Jannick Da Sousa Mendes, Michele Di Stefano, Cristina Rizzo.
Production ZTLpro/Angelo Mai, MK08
in collaboration with CanGo Cantieri Goldonetta Florence.
Thanx to Centro Enea for refugees in Rome.
Debut May 3-4 2008, Teatro Palladium Rome
Lenght 50′