Three Stages

Ornithology Productions

  1. Model 001
  2. Model 002
  3. Model 003
  4. In Medias Res 001
  5. In Medias Res 002
  6. In Medias Res 003
  7. In Medias Res 004
  8. El Dorado 001
  9. El Dorado 002
  10. El Dorado 003


I received the commission from the festival RuhrTriennale to compose the music of a big project covering three years: 2015 – 2016 – 2017. Choreographer was Richard Siegal.

I produced an album out of that big experience because it was so important to keep a documentation of that long journey. The musicians i worked with were so amazing that it was impossible to me to leave the whole thing in the ephemeral dimension of the theater.

So i rearranged the music in order to give it an autonomous shape and i mixed this album.

Music Integrates texts. I compose and develops software specifically for each project. Here i created a sort of counterpoint between synthetic electronics, entirely produced using original software, and music written for strings which, while remaining contemporary, is built on melodic profiles and fairly consonantal harmonies. This kind of dialogue between instrument and computer is central in all of my productions and it reverberate also into this project.

Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch: Composition and mix.
Frederic Stochl: Doublebass
Wolfgang Zamastil: Cello
Zoe Martlew: Cello
An Ornithology Productions
2017 in coproduction with
Mastering: Pierre Lucy, Music Unit.
The Album is not a CD or a Vinyl.
The object is a USB stick and a booklet.
Graphics: Annalisa Pagetti.