This is our thing

Composition | Performance

Music of relationships, interaction, space and mutual learning.
Atmospheric music, open and capable of shifting from minimalist soundscapes to virtuoso, fast and dynamic solo moments.
A different type of choral music, where roles are distributed among the group members and constantly redefined
Music that has electronics at its center.
Music that starts from the bottom, with workshops, and improvisation, horizontally, then evolves into defined forms. Music always open to evolution and acquisition of new elements.
A project that aspires to go beyond a certain type of relationship between instruments and electronics, rejecting the idea of the augmented instrument.Proposing a real principle of integration and participation, it sees the role of electronics as the heart of the process.

William Besserer is a young saxophonist at ease as much with the language of jazz as with the world of contemporary music. Marco Luparia, is an eclectic percussionist inventor of a personal and vast sound universe. They both participate in this new project under the direction of Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch as part of his research and compositions. 
The idea is to create a different space between composition and improvisation, between different aesthetics and different instrumental techniques, developing new relationships.
Aware that we are not the first to ask ourselves these questions, we offer, on the other hand, an absolutely new point of view.

Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch: artistic direction, electronic music.
William Besserer: saxophone
Marco Luparia: drums, objects.
With the support of ‘Sound Music Mouvement Interaction’ team ,  Ircam-STMS, for the use of MUBU.
Images realised during the artistic residency of Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch at the Ircam-Centre Pompidou – April 2021.

© Images Rafael Carosi