The world to darkness and to me

Göteborg Opera | Sweden

I was commissioned by Adolphe Binder to compose the electronic music for the new choreography of Richard Siegal for the ballet of the Gothenburg Opera.
I proposed to use the orchestra as sound source and to build a huge loudspeaker system in order to spatialise the music.
I composed for the orchestra , then i composed the electronic score, and then i mixed the final music in an Ambisonic system built with 30 loudspeakers.
The music was very immersive and the mouvements of sounds were so impressive and smooth.
It was a huge composition for a big theatrical show with Didier Faustino for the scenography.

Choreography: Richard Siegal
Composer: Lorenzo Bianchi Hosch
Scenography: Didier Faustino
Costumes: Alexandra Bertaut
Dancers: Anna Altes, Astrid Boons, Jenna Fakhoury, Chiaki Horita, Micol Mantini, Ingeborg Zackariassen, Jubal Battisti, Jérôme Delbey, Erik Johansson, Maxime Lachaume, Fan Luo, Isaac Spencer, David Wilde 
Production: Goteborg Opera, Sweden.
© image Thomas Aurin