Göteborg Opera

I’ve been asked to compose the whole electronic score for this new creation at the Gothenburg Opera.

Using Shakespeare’s theatrical novel :The Tempest, as reference, i composed  50′ of pure electronic music going from very soft, atmospheric, and light to massive , aggressive and violent. The whole shape was divided in three parts: before – during – after.

Choreography: Stijn Celis
Music: Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Dramaturgie: Armin Kerber
Scenographer and costume: Nicolas Musin
Light design: David Stokholm
Video: Philipp Contag-lada
göteborgsoperans dance company
jim de block, mai lisa guinoo, joseba yerro izaguirre, valerija kuzmica, maxime lachaume, dan langeborg, michael munoz, anna ozerskaia, jonathan savage, frida dam seidel, ekaterina shushakova, ján špoták
Production: opera of gothenburg , sweden.