Square Bolzano

Sound installation.
Noi Tech Park | Bozen

Square Bozen is an interactive installation that is deeply linked to the space for which it is conceived because it is in close dialogue with the environment in which it is located. 

At the crossroads between reality and fiction, Square Bozen is a strange guided tour in an area , a beautiful research institute named NOI-Parco tecnologico, in Bolzano, Italy, a soundwalk capable of altering, through sound, the perception of places and paths.

The audience – equipped with headphones – is immersed in a universe of sound capable of expanding the real towards the unreal. Equipped with a headset and connected via the smartphone and the 3G-4G network to a web page, each participant will be invited to follow the instructions of a voice that will guide him towards a precise and personal listening, to discover sound and urban space , the reality that surrounds us, and that is constantly manipulated, conditioned and remodeled by the sound that passes through it.

The work, produced by IRCAM – Center Pompidou in Paris, premiered at the Bolzano Danza Festival and, created specifically for Bolzano , it will become part of the NOI-Parco tecnologico exposition. Bolzano is a particular city. Being on the border between Italy and Austria, Bolzano is a city with different personalities and cultures. That’s why , in this case, the identity topic is the semantic center of the whole installation and the sound walk is totally filled with contributions of different kind of people.

Concept and composition: Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Research and development: David Poirier-Quinot, Benjamin Matuszewski
Leading voice: Benno Steinegger
In collaboration with: David Poirier-Quinot, Olivier Warusfel (Espaces acoustiques et cognitifs, IRCAM-STMS), Norbert Schnell, Frederic Bevilacqua, Benjamin Matuszewski (Interaction son musique mouvement, IRCAM-STMS), scientific consultants IRCAM In the context of Artistic Research Residency of IRCAM 
Production IRCAM-Center Pompidou, Ornithology Productions Noi-Parco tecnologico, Bolzano Danza Festival.

Images Andrea Macchia

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