Ballet of Difference.

Richard Siegal asked me to compose a music that has to deal with a crossover show.

Dancers and actors are on the same stage together. Music is build with essential bricks: drumsets, loops, fragments from television jingles totally rearranged. A kind of empty soundscape that suddenly is able to become a music structure.

Language fragments burst into the audience in an extremely brutal fashion like the performers through the paper wall. In guerilla fighter outfits. Screaming. An overkill consisting of words, sentences, slogans. Does anyone here still understand anything? Verbal communication breaks down in these thunderstorms of media community language. It sinks between fake news, it crumbles into a senseless babble, worn down by attributions, bans on speaking, hysterical tirades of hate. Everyone has the right to have their own truth. Choreographer Richard Siegal wrote the text himself for four dancers in his company Ballet of Difference, located in Munich, and five actors from the municipal theaters in Cologne. A breathless crossover spectacle, brimming with off-key humor and touching moments of dance poetry.

Choreographer and director: Richard Siegal
Composer: Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Dramaturges: Tobias Staab, Stawrula Panagiotaki
Set designers: Jens Kilian, Richard Siegal
Lighting designer: Gilles Gentner
Performers: Yuri Englert, Marlene Goksch, Nicola Gründel, Stefko Hanushevsky, Jemima Dean, Seán McDonagh, Margarida Neto, Claudia Ortiz Arraiza, Diego Tortelli
Costume designer: Flora Miranda
Video designer: Lea Heutelbeck
Translations: Tobias Staab
Ballet master: Caroline Geiger
Sports science consultant: Gjuum
Photos: © Thomas Schermer
A coproduction of:Richard Siegal/The Bakery und Ecotopia Dance Productions, koproduziert mit Schauspiel Köln, Tanz Köln, Muffatwerk München
Supported by: German Federal Cultural Foundation, the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich, and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.