MADE all walking

Ballet of Difference

For the world premiere of MADE TWO WALKING / MADE ALL WALKING, US

For this new production od BOD I have composed a very rhythmic music capable of incorporating the presence of the powerful performer Njamy Sitson and of guiding and articulating the movements of the 13 dancers. Choreographer Richard Siegal starts from the consideration, that every body is essentially defined by rhythmic patterns – for example, by the rhythm of the heart or the breath.
This also applies to larger contexts, such as the intervals of day and night, moon phases or seasons. Based on drumming workshops with the percussionist Njamy Sitson, whose roots lie in Cameroon, a choreography of different rhythmic patterns is created, which merge into complex units of music and movement.

Choreography Richard Siegal
Composition Lorenzo Bianchi-Hoesch
Live-music Njamy Sitson
Stage design Nadja Sofie Eller
Costume design Flora Miranda
Lights and video Matthias Singer
World premiere dec 10, 2021
depot 2, Schauspiel Cologne (d)
on stage 13 dancers and one