Saarbrücken Opera Ballet

Choreographer Stijn Celis asked me to follow him in an experimental piece about ‘Amour’ , Marguerite Duras novel.

It is a very quiet and silent book, with hazy atmospheres interrupted suddenly by powerful storms.

It’s a sonic book too: dogs barking, sirènes wailing, the ocean, the wind, some screams, a piano in the hall of the Hotel.

This was my starting point. A kind of coloured silence that surround some evocations of these sparse sources. 

Marguerite Duras called her novel, published in France in 1971, simply and very poignantly “love”. A woman and two men: a special kind of triangular story. The figures are drawn precisely – their past life is dissected. At some point there were decisions in it, there were decent relationships, a great misfortune, but now none of that counts anymore, instead there is now the search for loneliness, which no longer demands anything.

Choreography: Stijn Celis
Music: Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Costumes: Catherine Voeffray
Edoardo Cino
Alexandra Christian
Melanie Lambrou
Isabella Taufkirch
Production: Saarbrücken Opera Germany.